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Ways to Help Protection Your Home From Lightning in Houston, TX

Lightning strikes harness a great amount of voltage and when they strike, their surge can travel through various channels. Including power and electrical lines and into your home’s electrical system. This can result in damaging unprotected appliances and electronics as well as melt outlets and burn wiring, all leading to hazardous conditions. However, the good news is that you can help prepare your home to be protected from these events. Our team at Pro Max Electrical can help evaluate your home for lightning protection.

Lightning Surge causes Electrical Issues Pro Max Electrical can resolve

Ways That Lightning & Electrical Surges Can Cause Damage

  • Overvoltage: Lightning can produce an overvoltage, which can cause an electrical surge that can damage your electronics.

  • Electromagnetic fields: Lightning can produce electromagnetic fields that can interfere with the operation of electrical equipment and appliances.

  • Power surges: Lightning can cause power surges that can overload electrical equipment and appliances.

  • Install surge protectors: Surge protectors can help protect your electronics from power surges caused by lightning.

  • Unplug electronics: During a thunderstorm, unplug electronics to prevent damage from lightning strikes.

  • Use lightning rods: Lightning rods can divert lightning strikes away from your property, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Install grounding systems: Grounding systems can help protect your property from the effects of lightning strikes.

  • Have regular electrical maintenance: Regular electrical maintenance can help identify potential problems before they cause damage.

  • Standby generators can provide power in the event of an outage

Ways to Reduce to Possibility of Lightning Damage

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As an Experienced Electrical Contractor, We Can Help Make Your Home Safer

Whether you need help with a minor electrical issue or a major electrical project, we have the expertise and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, and we always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.


So why wait? If you need electrical repairs or services in Houston, TX, contact Pro Max Electrical LLC today! We offer competitive pricing, free estimates, and prompt, professional service. Call us at 832-464-4258 now to schedule your appointment and experience the Pro Max Electrical LLC difference!


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  • Well Trained Technicians 

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  • Fast, Friendly Service

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  • Flexible appointment times

  • Fast & affordable ethical pricing 

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