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Appliance wiring and circuit repairs involve intricate tasks related to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your household appliances. These repairs often encompass diagnosing and fixing issues with the electrical wiring connecting appliances to power sources, as well as troubleshooting and repairing circuits to maintain a steady flow of electricity. It's crucial to choose a reliable and experienced electrical contractor like Pro Max Electrical.

Pro Max Electrical install dryer and washer receptacles

Looking for Expert electrician on Appliance Circuit Repairs
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Whether it's a minor wiring issue or a more complex circuit repair, Pro Max Electrical's technicians work diligently to restore functionality to your appliances quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and inconvenience for customers. So, don't wait, call us today!


Appliance Wiring & Circuit Repairs

Dryer Cords Replacement


Wiring Repairs

Diswasher Cord Repair

Appliance Outlets

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Is it okay to use 3 prong dryer cord? 

A 3 prong dryer cord was the standard for dryers prior to 2000.  However, newer appliances are normally 4 prong. 

Should garbage disposal be hard wired or plugged in?

 A dedicated circuit is generally recommended, neverless, a garbage disposal can be hard wired or plugged. 

Does a diswasher plug need to be GFCI?

Dishwasher located in the kitchen are installed in dwelling units require GFCI protection wether hardwired or connected by cord and plug. 

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